Products – CSP – Concrete Stone Preparer

cspCSP is used to restore tile floors by removing soap scum and cleaning grout joints. It is also used to remove efflorescence from brick. In addition, CSP is ideal to use before sealing.

cspInterior & Exterior Use


  • Cleaning New Masonry
  • Removing Efflorescence
  • Cleaning White or Light Grey Grout 
  • Preparing Concrete Floors Being Coated


  • Approximately 400 - 500 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface.


  • Cases of 4 x 1 gallon bottles
  •  gallon plastic pail
  • 55 gallon plastic drum


Data Sheet & MSDS


x CAUTION When Using CSP

  • Wear Protective Clothing (Gloves & Goggles)
  • Use In Well Ventilated Area
  • If Skin or Eye Contact Occurs. Rinse Thoroughly With Water