Products – KL 9 Marble Poultice

KL9 Restoration Poultice for Interior Marble Walls


Interior atmospheric pollution effects indoor walls differently than other masonry surfaces. Instead of just becoming dirty, like outdoors, they get stained as well. This effect is most apparent on white or light colored marble that, over a long period of time, turns yellow. When this condition occurs, walls which were once bright and beautiful become dingy looking and lifeless.

KL9 is a ready-to-use, water-based poultice that removes years worth of accumulated staining and makes marble walls beautiful again. KL9 is safe to use on highly polished finishes. It requires no mixing or special equipment. All you do is apply it, give it time to work, scrape off the dried material, and wash the surface clean with water. 

kl9Interior & Exterior Use

Used For:

  • Removing Stains From Marble and Other Stones


  • Approximately 35 - 50 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface.


  •  5 gallon plastic pails


Data Sheet & MSDS


x CAUTION When Using KL 9 Marble Poultice

  • Wear Protective Clothing (Gloves & Goggles)
  • If gets on skin or in eyes rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Ventilate Enclosed Areas
  • When Scraping Wear Dust Mask